私たちは ICAN を支持します


私たちは ICAN を支持します






I’m asking you to declare your support, your place in our movement, publicly.

This award has meant the world to us. Our only regret is that we could never possibly recognize and thank all who are part of this movement and made the UN nuclear ban treaty a reality. But let’s try anyway. This Nobel Peace Prize is yours. Share this moment with us.


Tell the world “I am ICAN.”


Head to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and post a photo or video of yourself and a message with the hashtag #IamICAN.


And tell us why…

Here’s my post:
#IamICAN because I know that powerful citizens can defeat powerful leaders and end nuclear bondage.

Be sure to tag us in your post or leave a link to so your friends know how to connect.


Instagram: @goodbyenukes
Twitter: @nuclearban


We are ICAN. And we are going to see the end of nuclear weapons.